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Workshops explores contemporary tools, techniques and methodologies that are used to provide a solid foundation for work in Change Management.
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Our dedicated Consultant can help you plan and execute an effective Change Management program.
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As a RTO, Efficiency Works can provide training & recognised micro-credentials in Change Management.
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See how we helped Daikin Australia increase engagement within their team through a Culture Change program.
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Change Management requires the development of clear strategy, road map and action plan to minimise resistance and maximise the chances of successful and sustained change adoption.

A critical element for success in the implementation of improvements to business processes and operations, Change Management requires taking a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, stakeholders, customers, and broader organisations from their current state to a planned future state.

Key elements of effective Change Management:

  • Rationale – Identifies the need for change whether due to internal factors such as process improvement or external factors, market changes for example.
  • Vision – A clear articulation of intended future state and destination, this serves as a guide for the entire process.
  • Communication – Effective communication and feedback are central to Change Management, Leaders must clearly articulate reasons, benefits and impacts.
  • Stakeholder Engagement – Involving those who are impacted by change is crucial in supporting a sense of ownership, addressing concerns and optimising the solution.
  • Resistance – A natural response to any change from the current state, developing an effective strategy to anticipate and resolve change resistance help minimise impact.
  • Action Planning – A well developed plan is essential for success, this should include action steps; timelines; responsibilities; governance; measures and monitoring / reporting.
  • Celebration – Crucial to establishing and maintaining morale for current and future changes, recognising, and rewarding teams for their efforts reinforces positive behaviour.

By managing change effectively, leaders can help organisations adapt to new circumstances, enhance performance, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

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