Complaints and Appeals

Complaints and Appeals

Efficiency Works recognises that differences and complaints can arise from time to time.  Quick settlement of these matters is in the best interest of the parties concerned and the following steps are implemented to ensure this happens. If students have a complaint or issue, they can choose:

  • to resolve the matter personally, with or without assistance
  • an informal resolution process
  • a formal resolution process
  • to take no further action
  • to provide feedback via surveys 

Our aim is always to work towards a constructive resolution for all parties wherever possible.

Procedure for lodging a complaint

  • For concerns relating to the delivery of academic, administrative or support services, you should speak initially with the staff member responsible for the relevant area (e.g. trainer). This can be done informally in person or in writing.
  • If you believe that the response provided by the staff member of Efficiency Works is not reasonable, you may wish to seek a review of the outcome by contacting the RTO Directors in writing outlining the reasons you are seeking further consideration. You may submit a complaint by email, fax, letter or in person.
  • If either of the RTO Directors is party to the complaint, they will not take part in any investigative activities or decisions made by Efficiency Works; the alternative director will instead lead activities.
  • Efficiency Works will investigate your complaint. Normally you can expect to receive acknowledgement in writing within two working days and a decision within 20 working days. However, depending on the complexity of the case and the information provided, this timeframe may vary. To assist with the timely resolution of your complaint it is important that you:
    • provide a clear explanation of the issue,
    • detail the steps you have taken towards resolution (if any)
    • clearly state the outcome you are seeking
    • provide relevant supporting documentation and names of witnesses (if applicable).
  • Efficiency Works will maintain your enrolment while a complaint is being processed.
  • If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily or you are concerned about Efficiency Works as a training provider then you may approach Manufacturing Skills Australia to provide further advice or mediation services.
  • If your complaint or appeal is going to take more than 60 calendar days we will inform you of the reasons
  • Efficiency Works undertakes to maintain a transparent complaints management process, with timely actions and regular communications of progress and outcomes to the involved parties.
  • Complaint information and survey feedback will be recorded in a data base for future reference and used for continuous improvement purposes (whilst maintaining our Privacy obligations).

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