5S Workshop and Kaizen Blitz


The objectives of the 5S Training Workshop and Kaizen Blitz program is to provide participants with a demonstrated understanding of 5S and how it can generate value within their workplaces, as well as to implement the early stages of a 5S program in a pilot area of the business.

The subject matter, principles and terminology are aligned with the ‘Competitive Systems and Practices’ courses which are nationally accredited under the Australian Skills Quality Authority. Efficiency Works will tailor the workshop agenda and training content to customer requirements, and to the workshop participants.

During the 5S workshop participants learn the 5S concepts and then practically apply the tools in their workplace processes. In this way, the organisation benefits from the learning experience as well as the immediate 5S improvements that are achieved within the operation.

5S is a simple but effective methodology to improve our workplace by simplifying, better organising, and sustaining a productive work environment. The Kaizen Blitz commences with a high-level workshop to familiarise staff with 5S principles before moving to the workspace. The steps are:

  • Sort: Get rid of any clutter
  • Set in Order: Organise what is left behind
  • Shine: Ensure the area can be cleaned easily and keep it clean
  • Standardise: Use of standards to ensure first three 5’s is maintained
  • Sustain: Maintain through empowerment, commitment, and discipline

The workshop is conducted in two activities over the day which comprises an interactive discussion on the elements and the application of 5S, as well as an introduction to some of the associated Continuous Improvement tools and techniques. The workshop also involves a facilitated 5S audit of a targeted work area to identify improvement opportunities that can be practically addressed in the subsequent Kaizen Blitz.

The Kaizen Blitz is an intensive and focused approach to process improvement achieved through the application of 5S principles and selected tools. Using the knowledge gained in the workshop, the Kaizen Blitz involves a facilitated and interactive problem-solving and targeted process improvement activity conducted by the team in the workplace. The pilot project is commenced immediately after the workshop and will continue for the remainder of the day.

The Kaizen Event methodology has been used extensively for improving the organisation of work across all functions. The results are real-time with implementation occurring within a few days, rather than weeks or months. The event will also develop a list of other improvement opportunities that staff can investigate and implement and will establish a platform for continuous improvement.

Kaizen Blitz offers several advantages over other traditional problem solving:

  • Immediate results
  • Involvement of the workforce
  • Visual solutions
  • Action orientated outcomes
  • Competencies which can be leveraged for other projects
  • Improved communication
  • Creative solutions rather than capital investments
  • Employees with an improved business perspective
  • Effective implementation of change through the application of teamwork

Efficiency Works 5S and Kaizen Blitz workshops are tailed to meet the customer’s request and demands and are undertaken over a period of one day.

On the completion of this program each participant will be award with a certificate of achievement, in outlining the 5S and Kaizen Blitz Initiatives

Additional to this each participant will walk away with.

  • Better skills to facilitate continuous improvement in the workplace
  • Improved understanding of continuous improvement techniques
  • Ownership of the workspace
  • Improved Productivity
  • Improved Safety

The learnings are relevant and applicable to all types of organisations’ and to all levels of management, administration, and delivery.

The program is designed to provide participants with knowledge and skills to a level that can be deployed in workplace business improvement projects which can produce measurable outcomes. The workshop also provides a cogent refresher for business improvement specialists and other staff who have had previous exposure to the Lean tools and techniques.

  • CI Champions
  • Business Improvement Staff
  • Managers
  • Operational Staff
  • Supervisors
  • Frontline staff
  • Administration and support staff

Efficiency Works engage with professional facilitators that can deliver coaching, certified / non-certified training programs, team building, change management and leadership development services throughout all forms of business from the executive leadership team, senior managers, coordinators / team leaders and employees including contractors and volunteers where appropriate. Efficiency Works facilitators have a vast range of expertise from industry knowledge, practical application to formal qualifications with-in Training and Assessing.

Efficiency Works facilitators utilise a collaborative approach that quickly engages with participants, challenges thinking, transfers knowledge and builds skills. The facilitator utilises a combination of theory, learning exercises, visual aids, and group discussion to ensure that participants are fully engaged through-out the workshops and training programs.

The program will deliver the following outcomes & benefits for the organisation and staff.

  • An understanding by the participants of why 5S is important
  • Facilitated support for the application of the 5S principles in a pilot area
  • Sort, Set in Order and Shine applied to the pilot area (where time permits)
  • Standardise and Sustain applied (where time permits)
  • An understanding by the participants of how to implement 5S
  • Detailed suggestions on how to sustain the 5S initiative
  • An understanding of how to run a Kaizen Blitz
  • An action plan to ensure ongoing continuous improvement
  • A positive impact on workplace behaviours and culture

What accreditation or recognition does this program have?

This is a non-accredited program.

Does this program have any assessments requirements?

As a non-accredited program this course has no assessment requirements. The course contains several activities designed to reinforce the key skills and knowledge outcomes.

Who is my trainer for my program?

All trainers and assessors have extensive and current industry experience and qualifications that meet the national requirements for VET trainers.

Who do i contact in case of any query regarding my program?

For any program related queries, please email customer support at admin@efficiencyworks.com.au

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