6 Day Neuro-Leadership Workshop – Senior Leaders


Our services are based on experiential learning where participants learn by doing, a philosophy that is used in all our training programs, workshops, and business improvement engagements. Our consultant will utilise a collaborative approach that engages staff, challenges thinking, transfers knowledge, builds capabilities and ensures buy-in, building the organisation’s skills and capability through discussion and interaction, and providing participants with the confidence required to continue to develop the continuous improvement culture.

This unique program builds holistic skills and knowledge for current leaders by working directly on their own practices. It differs from traditional programs as it has a strong neuroscience approach to leadership. It taps into the lead indicators of motivation.

The objective of our Leadership Program for Senior Leaders is to create a climate of productivity through displaying senior leadership people skills.
The program provides individual tools and techniques to their own work, so that they can lead and manage the implementation of a continuous improvement culture.

The workshop is aimed at creating maximum team member ownership, accountability, and engagement. The program comprises a combination of elements aimed at facilitating behavioral change through the application of specific concepts and techniques, tailored to suit the senior leadership team. The direct and immediate application into more effective leadership for teams reinforces the learning and is immediately converted into improved decisions, improved team engagement and lower levels of resistance and conflict.

The Leadership Program for Senior Leaders is designed to equip our senior leaders with current and future skills to:

  • Build and lead a high performing organisation
  • Lead and manage themselves
  • Motivate individuals and teams
  • Positively impact culture now and in the future
  • Promote collaboration and continuous learning within their teams
  • Tap into the drivers of people to enhance productivity, improve staff retention and attraction
  • Proactively manage individuals within a team

The Leadership Program for Senior Leaders is delivered using key activities involving 4 elements delivered over 6 days of training. The gaps between the training sessions are used for the participants to apply their learnings.


  • The role of the senior leader and level of work
  • Self-transforming leadership
  • Discussing how to create a productive team climate
  • The ‘intelligences’ needed by a senior leader
  • The brain – how to self-regulate before, during, and after interactions
  • Drivers of human behaviour
  • Avoiding emotion contagion and toxic leadership
  • Insights into personality and temperament
  • Stress mastery and self-resilience

For an organisation to produce its strategic intent, senior leaders need to look first at themselves, to identify who they are and whether they are a leader that someone would wish to follow or not.

The development of people starts with the journey of self-awareness and how to regulate. We work with whole self as have a significant impact day-to-day culture. The approach we take, the focus we have and way we make decisions.

A sense that I can speak up, own mistakes, and learn is critical in team members and it is the leader’s role to create that climate of trust, learning and risk. This event introduces the concept of psychological safety to senior leaders and their role in creating this productive operating space.

We know that high turnover, absenteeism, and high sickness levels can be attributed to a loss of significance, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, and fairness in the leader’s approach to individuals and the team.


  • Our biases
  • Differing perspectives
  • Deep work vs Shallow work
  • Developing productive work habits
  • Type 1 and 2 decision making
  • Decision fatigue and distraction
  • Displaying key values – trust, honesty, respect, patience
  • Providing clarity and certainty for team members
  • Humble enquiry and attentional listening
  • The Power Context


We discuss fully here the conceptual and perceptual factors affecting decision making. The traps we fall into at the highest level such as biases, fatigue and how to avoid or mitigate them.

A critical skill for leaders is hearing different perspectives and using team intelligence to make decisions creative innovative climates.


  • Interdependent Culture
  • Tapping into collective intelligence
  • Barriers to collaboration
  • Our team perspectives – friend, foe, ingroup, outgroup
  • Infinite vs finite thinking
  • Fixed and growth mindsets
  • Preventative and promotional mindsets
  • Preventative and promotional mindsets
  • Harnessing innovation, insights, creativity and AHA’s
  • Systems to produce divergent and convergent thinking
  • Solutions focused approach
  • Cross functional trust

In our complex and interdependent world, it is critical that individuals and team collaborate to create opportunities for change, early communication, identification of errors etc.

Leaders need to tap into mindsets of others then a positive dynamic is observed through trust, accountability and contribution that harnesses the opportunity for collective intelligence of the team.


  • Context is everything
  • Creating purpose
  • Habit formation
  • Goal pursuit
  • Developing mastery in self and others
  • Recognition, corrective, and constructive feedback
  • Resilience in teams

There are many moving parts to creating a resilient organisation and this element discusses fully the formation of productive habits that serve as shortcuts, energy savers and develop robust processes and actions.

We explore the setting of goals that produce strategic outcomes, tapping into the brains need for focus, intentions, and forward motion.

Leaders develop a strong understanding of how to sustain resilient teams through interpersonal process such as feedback, destructive conflict resolution and managing individuals to reach their potential no matter how uncomfortable the situation is.

On the completion of the workshop each participant will be award with a certificate of achievement, in outlining the values of Senior Neuro Leadership

Additional to this each participant will walk away with.

  • Develop skills to defuse contentious situations
  • Developing Your Brand as a Leader
  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset
  • Delivering Effective Feedback
  • Instilling Confidence and Vision
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Gaining Influence & Buy-in

The learnings are relevant and applicable to all types of Leaders of organisation’, businesses and governments. Leadership programs arm leaders with the necessary knowledge, tools, and ability to inspire and impact their team. They offer the opportunity for leaders to horn their skills and share their experiences through tools and techniques. The workshop is suitable for

  • Executives and Corporate leaders
  • Administration Managers
  • Senior managers
  • Business improvement Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Change Managers

Efficiency Works engage with professional facilitators that can deliver coaching, certified / non-certified training programs, team building, change management and leadership development services throughout all forms of business from the executive leadership team, senior managers, coordinators / team leaders and employees including contractors and volunteers where appropriate. Efficiency Works facilitators have a vast range of expertise from industry knowledge, practical application to formal qualifications within training and assessing.

Efficiency Works facilitators utilise a collaborative approach that quickly engages with participants, challenges thinking, transfers knowledge and builds skills. The facilitator utilises a combination of theory, learning exercises, visual aids, and group discussion to ensure that participants are fully engaged through-out the workshops and training programs.

The program is designed to provide participants with knowledge and skills in teamwide benefits of building inclusive habits, such as increased creativity and greater engagement.

  • Intelligent thought and reasoning through their ability to think clearly and perform given tasks
  • Self-care and self-improvement Build inclusion and employees will feel more committed not just to their teams, but to themselves.
  • Self-regulation a sense of inclusion helps us manage our own thoughts and feelings, rather than letting them consume us.


This is a non-accredited program; how-ever you will receive a certificate of completion in attending workshop


As a non-accredited program this course has no assessment requirements. The course contains several activities designed to reinforce the key skills and knowledge outcomes.


All trainers and assessors have extensive and current industry experience and qualifications that meet the national requirements for VET trainers.


For any program related queries, please email customer support at admin@efficiencyworks.com.au

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