Green Stream Thinking Workshop


The objective of the 3 Day Green Stream Thinking Workshop is to develop participant skills and knowledge to a level where they can effectively plan and deliver products or services with the minimal amount of firefighting and with a memorable amount of upturn in customer satisfaction.

The workshop is delivered over a period of three day, with two days onsite and one day at the Efficiency Works office in undertaking an analysis on the clients data.

On the completion of the clients data analysis, Efficiency Works will coordinate with the client a second onsite visit to provide the findings and recommendations on the next phase of the continuous improvement for the business.

The Green Stream Thinking Workshop will take place over three days.
Efficiency works may request additional information prior to the commencement of the Green Stream Workshop.

Information required will be placed in a structured format that will be used during the workshop activities based on consultant with Efficiency Works.

Data to be provided in a Excel format.

The three day Green Stream Workshop delivers the following outcomes for participants and the organisation:

  • An appreciation of where it is most effective for a leader to focus their energies and Operational Excellence
  • Simplify production or service delivery
  • Create production or service delivery flow
  • Levelled production / service delivery plan
  • Realise the benefits of the economies of repetition
    • Shorter change over times
    • Higher efficiency / productivity / capacity
    • Greater frontline worker engagement
    • Increased delivery in full on time customer satisfaction
  • Business improvement knowledge and skills that can realise tangible benefits in the workplace
  • A positive impact on workplace behaviours and culture
  • An awareness of the decision-making process and the common impacts and influences on that process
  • The ‘know how’ to provide clarity on continuous Improvement

On completion of the workshop, each participant will be awarded with a Certificate of Achievement, in Outlining the Values of the Green Stream Thinking.

Additional to the Certificate of Achievement, each participant will walk away with:

  • Better skills to facilitate continuous improvement in the workplace.
  • Improved understanding of continuous improvement techniques
  • Opportunity to realise their full potential

The learnings are relevant and applicable to all types of organisations’ and to all levels of management, administration, and delivery.

The program is designed to provide participants with knowledge and skills to a level that can be deployed in workplace business improvement projects which can produce measurable outcomes. The workshop also provides a cogent refresher for business improvement specialists and other staff who have had previous exposure to the Lean tools and techniques.

Efficiency Works engage with professional facilitators that can deliver coaching, certified / non-certified training programs, team building, change management and leadership development services throughout all forms of business from the executive leadership team, senior managers, coordinators / team leaders and employees including contractors and volunteers where appropriate. Efficiency Works facilitators have a vast range of expertise from industry knowledge, practical application to formal qualifications with-in Training and Assessing.

Efficiency Works facilitators utilise a collaborative approach that quickly engages with participants, challenges thinking, transfers knowledge and builds skills. The facilitator utilises a combination of theory, learning exercises, visual aids, and group discussion to ensure that participants are fully engaged through-out the workshops and training programs.

Green Stream Thinking will deliver the following outcomes & benefits for the organisation:

  • Identification of opportunities to improve productivity and capacity
  • A high-level implementation plan, milestones, and schedule
  • Where approved, implementation of ‘quick wins’
  • Transfer of business improvement knowledge and skills
  • Workshop participants who are attuned to business improvement
  • A high-level change plan and KPIs to monitor progress
  • A platform for further business improvement projects

What accreditation or recognition does this program have?

This is a non accredited program.

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