Introduction to Project Management


In this course you will be taken through the knowledge areas of Project Management to deliver on the customer’s expectation. This is the ‘Project Management Body of Knowledge’ or PMBOK. These knowledge areas are a stepby- step process that you can take and use in any organisation – while the environment may change the process remains the same, and that is why it is so powerful.

You will learn the role of a Project Manager and a Project Management Of ce (PMO). You will learn how projects get things done and that the methodology is more than just a set of tools and documentation. You will understand how a Project Manager and PMO  ts in an organisation and the qualities and skills of a project leader.

The course will take you through a real scenario in the workplace to see how the PMBOK sets your project up for success. Through engaging videos and slide packs, you will get an understanding of the PMBOK and Project Management.

This course is a great compliment to our other courses on ‘Agile’ and the Lean Six Sigma Methodology in ‘Competitive Systems and Practices’.

  • Project Management Foundations: This section describes the foundational elements of Project Management, describing what Project Management is, why it’s important and the different types of Project Management life cycles you will encounter in your career.
  • The Environment in which Projects Operate: This section describes the different environments you will work in as a Project Manager, how they will impact you and how to manage them. You will  nd as you progress through the course, the environment may be different, but the project management process remains the same.
  • The Role of Project Manager: This section describes the project manager role and how it ties all the pieces together. There are many qualities of an ideal leader and an ideal project manager that you will learn about, and how they lead to the best results when you are trying to deliver change.
  • The Project Management Process – Part 1: This section describes the key project management processes, directly from the industry standard Project Management Body of Knowledge. These are the process steps you will go through every time, in every project to some degree. You will also learn how to tailor them to suit your situation.
  • The Project Management Process – Part 2: This section describes the other key processes you will see when managing projects, and goes into managing Risk, hiring, or buying resources through procurement and engaging your stakeholders.
  • Bonus Content: Included Resource Assignment Matrix (RACI) Template to help you at all levels of project initiation and management.

This section describes the foundational elements of the course and course duration based on each module you will be undertaking.

Each sub-heading is further broken down into Video Tutorials, slide pack and transcript of tutorial for each learners’ applications.

  1. Course Tutorial (MUST watch before moving forward in modules)
  2. Project Management Foundations
  3. The Environment in which projects operate
  4. The Role of a Project Manager
  5. The Project Management Process (One)
  6. The Project Management Process (Two)
  7. Bonus Content


Self Pass Learning

  • Average module time 1 hour
  • Assessment average time 45 minutes
  • Total course with assessments 7 hours

The Introduction to Project Management course delivers the following achievements for successful participants and for the organisation:

  • A fundamental understanding of Project Management
  • Clarity of how a Project Manager and PMO (Project Manager Office) fits within an organisation.
  • Project success in the use of PMBOK
  • Meeting and Delivering customers’ expectations.

The PMBOK can be applied to any workplace, company size or industry type.

The knowledge components of this course will help address the needs of professionals who are involved in
scoping, justifying, planning, executing, managing, reviewing, or supporting projects.

These courses are suitable for:

  • Senior Leaders unfamiliar with Project Management but needing to know how their Project Manager’s or Project Management Of ce adds value and operates
  • CI / BI Managers – seeking effective product and service development
  • Any employee considering moving into Project Management
  • Employees contributing to or affected by Projects
  • Any Project Manager wanting to refresh on the fundamentals of the PMBOK
  • Business and management consultants
  • Change and transformation leaders
  • Functional and operational managers
  • Project officers and administrators
  • Business analysts

The learnings are relevant and applicable to all types of organisations for Introduction to Project Management.

The program is designed to provide participants with knowledge and skills within Project Management to a level that can be deployed in a workplace business which can produce measurable outcomes.

Understanding of all the knowledge areas from the ‘Project Management Body of Knowledge’ (PMBOK)

  • The role of the Project Manager
  • The role and functions of a Project Management Office
  • The importance of communication, leadership, and stakeholder management to the success of projects
  • New concepts to compliment a project management organisation perhaps already using Agile or Lean Six
  • Course content aligns to the Project Management Institute ensuring that if you decide to continue to our Advanced Project Management course you can receive PDU credits.

What Accreditation Or Recognition Does This Program Have?

Statement of Completion

Does This Program Have Any Assessments Requirements?

Yes- On completion and when ready, the learner selects one of two quizzes to complete. Each quiz is 50 questions of multiple choice, and an 80% pass mark is required to receive your ‘statement of completion’.

You can take the quiz as many times as you need, and you have access to the course for a full 6 months from  first log in.

Who Is My Trainer For My Program?

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Who Do I Contact In Case Of Any Query Regarding My Program?

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