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Program Overview

Efficiency Works has been delivering leadership, culture, and transformation as an integral part of continuous improvement for many years. In fact, Lean Six Sigma is based on a philosophy of empowering those at the workplace that add value from the customer’s perspective. Leadership at all levels of an organisation is critical to identify, unlock and leverage the untapped potential of your people.

As organisations evolve and the challenges to achieve competitive advantage ever increase, client demand has led us to develop four specific leadership options to support your business optimisation goals.

  1. Lean Leadership and Management. Based on years of experience delivering practical action orientated continuous improvement we can provide workshops and coaching for frontline leaders and supervisors. Example topics include; Strategy Deployment, Kotter’s Change Management Model, Leading Teams, Understanding Self and Emotional Intelligence, Capability and Capacity, Effective Communication, Problem Solving and Decision Making.
  2. BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management. This qualification reflects the role of individuals working as developing and emerging leaders and managers in a range of enterprise and industry contexts. As well as assuming responsibility for their own performance, individuals at this level are likely to provide leadership, guidance, and support to others. They may also have some responsibility for organising and monitoring the output of teams.
  3. Dual qualification in BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management and MSS 40316 Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices. Efficiency Works are the only Australian RTO able to offer a dual qualification. This qualification truly links the potential of people and process optimisation and has the added benefit of learners achieving two certified qualifications in less time and with less cost. We have been able to achieve this through the careful integration of traditional Lean Six Sigma methodologies with leadership units using Neuroscience.
  4. Neuro Leadership Workshops. These intervention workshops are based on a standardised approach taping into the science of the brain known as Neuroscience. At 3 or 6 days and designed for three different levels, frontline, managers, and senior leaders. The sessions are based on three interventions, starting with self, followed by teams, and culminating with organisation. Whilst Neuroscience is the foundation, we tailor the training to meet the non-financial and financial concern or opportunity of our clients.

What Outcomes Will The Programs Provide?

Each program is designed with a focus on people complemented by the rigour of process improvement tools. Typical outcomes include:

  • Growth of the organisation and human capability through the development of people and work processes
  • A working knowledge of the principles, tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma and a valuable step towards more advanced training
  • Business improvement knowledge and skills that can realise tangible benefits in the workplace
  • Leadership and teamwork skills that will maximise outcomes
  • A positive impact on workplace behaviours and culture

Who Will Benefit From Attending These Programs?

Organisations that understand Lean or are on a Lean journey are best positioned to integrate our Leadership and Management interventions into their learning plans. This is because people and process are not mutually exclusive and investing in both people and process is imperative if you want to optimise business performance.

The training is suitable for:

  • Executive Leaders
  • Middle Managers
  • Current and emerging leaders and managers
  • Frontline team leaders and supervisors
  • Frontline staff
  • Business improvement leads
  • Change managers
  • Administration and support staff

Program Facilitation and Training

Efficiency Works’ process is heavily centred on business improvement and the actual application of theory to improve the organisation. Rather than using theoretical case studies and scenarios, we work “live” in your organisation providing students with real experience and demonstrated competence through organisational improvements.

Our approach is inherently consultative providing significant interaction between the process we use to liaise with students, the Business Improvement team and Management, all of whom are stakeholders in the training program.

For our certified training, Efficiency Works utilises experienced and qualified trainers for all training courses. All trainers hold a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE40116), a qualification that reflects the roles of trainers in the vocational educational and training (VET) sector, and a requirement of the Australian Quality Training Framework for a structured VET program.


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