Lean Maturity Assessment


Implementation of a successful Lean Maturity Assessment lies in understanding the sophistication of your business or facility at the point of time against key indicators of your current and future needs.

Allowing you to prioritise your efforts against gaps in your strategy ensuring operational plans are maintained through your strengths.

Later, once projects have been completed and strategic goals met, Efficiency Works and your organisation will undertake the assessment again and measure any sustained change.

1. Evaluate your operations today

Efficiency Works will facilitate a session with up-to 10 key staff members on where EW will evaluate the company’s performance in 11 Key areas against 60 categories. Each category will be discussed, with a result derived and a grading used for each answer. This tool should be used as a systematic process for your team to improve, as it is not a survey to be provided to all employees.

Levels determined for each question are:

  • A+ = Best in class – World-class benchmark
  • A = Excellent – Sustainable with great results
  • B = Good results – Heading in the right direction
  • C = On the journey – Some process gaps but striving for improvement
  • D = More gaps than achievements – Definite area for improvement
  • F = No achievements in this area – No process documented or followed


2. Understand how you rank against the benchmark

Once a letter grade for every question has been selected, a dashboard and report card will be produced. With this information, you will easily be able to see your improvement maturity strengths and weaknesses.

3. Develop improvement plans for the future

In many ways the scoring is the easy part. To truly get the most benefit from the tool you must take the next step. This process will document where you are today, but you will need to develop plans for where you want to be in the future. The process that we utilise encourages you to document and support your assessment for both your successes and the areas you need to improve.

We allow one day for the assessment. In any time remaining in the day, we will facilitate a planning session to begin to map out a high-level implementation plan.

The workshop is conducted over 1 day and comprises of interactive discussion on the elements of the customer’s needs.

The achievements of attending the Lean Maturity Assessment program will deliver the outcomes for the organisation and the participants.

What is in it for your business?

  • Real time solution problem solving
  • Improved Team Performance
  • Achievable Goals for the organisation and employee’s
  • Improvements to business processes
  • Improved business environment for your people
  • Current and Future State strategy planning


What is in it for your people?

  • Enhance skills and training
  • Improved performance
  • Defined Accountabilities
  • Improved work / life balance

The learnings are relevant and applicable to all types of organisations and to all levels of leadership and management.

For example, the workshop is suitable for:

  • Operations Managers.
  • Supply Chain Managers.
  • Production / Service delivery planning manager.
  • Executive Managers, and
  • Customer Service / Sales Managers

Efficiency Works engage with professional facilitators that can deliver coaching, certified / non-certified training programs, team building, change management and leadership development services throughout all forms of business from the executive leadership team, senior managers, coordinators / team leaders and employees including contractors and volunteers where appropriate. Efficiency Works facilitators have a vast range of expertise from industry knowledge, practical application to formal qualifications with-in Training and Assessing.

Efficiency Works facilitators utilise a collaborative approach that quickly engages with participants, challenges thinking, transfers knowledge and builds skills. The facilitator utilises a combination of theory, learning exercises, visual aids, and group discussion to ensure that participants are fully engaged through-out the workshops and training programs.

The benefits of attending the Lean Maturity Assessment will deliver outcomes for the organisation and the participants.

What is in it for your business?

  • Improved / Opened Communication
  • Achievable Goals for the organisation and employee’s
  • Improvements to business processes
  • Current and Future state strategy planning


What is in it for your people?

  • Enhanced skills and training
  • Improved continuous improvement techniques
  • Achievable accountabilities
  • Improved work / life balance

What accreditation or recognition does this program have?

This is a non-accredited program.

Does this program have any assessments requirements?

As a non-accredited program this course has no assessment requirements. The course contains several activities designed to reinforce the key skills and knowledge outcomes.

Who is my trainer for my program?

All trainers and assessors have extensive and current industry experience and qualifications that meet the national requirements for VET trainers.

Who do i contact in case of any query regarding my program?

For any program related queries, please email customer support at admin@efficiencyworks.com.au

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