MSMENV672 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Environmental Sustainability


This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to develop and implement a workplace sustainability policy, including the modi cation of the policy to suit changed circumstances. This unit of competency applies to team leaders/supervisors/managers who are required to develop approaches to environmental sustainability within workplaces, including the development and implementation of policy.

  • Online / Self-Paced (Individual Learning)
  • Face to Face at Business Premises (Groups up to 12)


  • 30 – 50 hours (depending upon the course complexity and project type). The online units consist of prereading, pre-recorded tutorials/lessons, project work and report, post reading, and assessments

Face to Face

  • This course has been developed to be delivered in a one-day workshop environment with the class / students participating throughout the day in several activates that are aligned to your business outcomes
    • Approximately 20-40 hours are required outside of the one-day workshop to complete the Unit of Competency. This time will typically consist of pre-reading, pre-recorded tutorials/lessons, project work and report, post reading, and assessment.
    • In class knowledge assessment may be recorded on the day through workbook activities.
  • Develop workplace sustainability policy
  • Communicate the policy
  • Implement the policy
  • Review policy implementation

General Information