MSS402021 Apply Just in Time Procedures


This unit applies to an individual working in an organisation following JIT who will need to follow procedures which are specific to JIT, such as the controlled flow of material (e.g. the use of Kanban and elimination of waste). This will involve the individual in the application of the pull system to their job and the authorisation of product/material flows in accordance with procedures and their level of authority.

  • Online / Self-Paced (Individual Learning)
  • Face to Face at Business Premises (Groups up to 12)


  • 30 – 50 hours (depending upon the course complexity and project type). The online units consist of pre-reading, pre-recorded tutorials/lessons, project work and report, post reading, and assessments

Face to Face

  • This course has been developed to be delivered in a one-day workshop environment with the class / students participating throughout the day in several activates that are aligned to your business outcomes
    • Approximately 20-40 hours are required outside of the one-day workshop to complete the Unit of Competency. This time will typically consist of pre-reading, pre-recorded tutorials/lessons, project work and report, post reading, and assessment.
    • In class knowledge assessment may be recorded on the day through workbook activities.
  • Respond to indicator of demand; identify pull of a product through work role, recognise indicator of flow authorisation, identify production or service required.
  • Make products or deliver service to demand; make product or deliver services a required by a ticked, identify any factors likely to prevent demand being satisfied in own work or work of the team, take action in accordance with procedures.
  • Update demand information as required; record information on ticket to procedures, facilitate operation of flow authorisation as part of work.
  • Recommend improvements; Examine the operation of the JIT system as it relates to own work, identify areas for improvement, identify any additional personal skill requirements to implement JIT procedures, recommend improvements.

General Information