MSS403010 Facilitate Change in an Organisation Implementing CS&P


This unit applies to individuals who facilitate the change at the team, area or section level rather than the whole organisation, resulting from implementing one or more competitive systems or practices. This implementation may also be associated with other changes, such as the introduction of new products, processes or equipment. The responsibility may be formally designated or be informal, as in mentoring and assisting fellow employees.

  • Online / Self-Paced (Individual Learning)
  • Face to Face at Business Premises (Groups up to 12)


  • 30 – 50 hours (depending upon the course complexity and project type). The online units consist of pre-reading, pre-recorded tutorials/lessons, project work and report, post reading, and assessments

Face to Face

  • This course has been developed to be delivered in a one-day workshop environment with the class / students participating throughout the day in several activates that are aligned to your business outcomes
    • Approximately 20-40 hours are required outside of the one-day workshop to complete the Unit of Competency. This time will typically consist of pre-reading, pre-recorded tutorials/lessons, project work and report, post reading, and assessment.
    • In class knowledge assessment may be recorded on the day through workbook activities.
  • Contribute to the improvement of the operations system in team or work area
  • Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) for area of operations
  • Improve health, safety, and environment (HSE) performance of self and others
  • Maximise quality consistency
  • Identify any skill and training issues that need to be addressed to improve capability of self and others
  • Maximise customer benefit/cost ratio
  • Reduce lead time to delivery within the scope of authority and responsibility
  • Work with relevant stakeholders to resolve conflicts which arise from implementation of competitive systems and practices​
  • Select improvements which will deliver the greatest overall benefit for the resources required/available without reducing current performance on individual factors

Implement Improvements

  • Implement the choses improvements
  • Check the selected improvements improve the system as a whole and do not result in unintended consequences
  • Monitor implementation and adjust as required

General Information