MSS403084 Improve Changeovers


This unit applies to an individual who is required to work on more than one product and to change between them as part of their work role. The product may be a physical or non-physical product and changeover may require a change of equipment or parts or it may require changing files, computer software, templates or some other changeover.

  • Online / Self-Paced (Individual Learning)
  • Face to Face at Business Premises (Groups up to 12)


  • 30 – 50 hours (depending upon the course complexity and project type). The online units consist of pre-reading, pre-recorded tutorials/lessons, project work and report, post reading, and assessments

Face to Face

  • This course has been developed to be delivered in a one-day workshop environment with the class / students participating throughout the day in several activates that are aligned to your business outcomes
    • Approximately 20-40 hours are required outside of the one-day workshop to complete the Unit of Competency. This time will typically consist of pre-reading, pre-recorded tutorials/lessons, project work and report, post reading, and assessment.
    • In class knowledge assessment may be recorded on the day through workbook activities.
  • Identify a process in your business where quicker changeovers could be of benefit.
  • Select team members for the project from the team that operates the selected process.
  • With the input of the selected team, clarify the start and finish of the changeover to be improved.
  • Assist the team to locate any existing documented procedures for the selected changeover.
  • With the team, record current changeover process, including the time taken for each step. Use the analysis sheet provided and draw a spaghetti diagram of the changeover process.
  • With the team, challenge every step, allocate to internal vs. external, identify waste and other improvements using the Setup Time Reduction techniques. Record improvement opportunities.
  • With the team, develop and implement the improved changeover process. Document and test the improved process.
  • With the team, standardise the improvements and document accordingly.
  • With the team, implement measurement systems for ongoing monitoring and continued improvements.

General Information