Problem Solving Workshop


During the Problem-Solving workshop participants will apply simple but effective problem-solving techniques to improve the performance of a process in your business. The workshop is conducted as a blitz, so the participants will achieve valuable learning outcomes, and simultaneously we will identify some practical improvements for your processes, all in a short period of time. The workshop is designed to provide a foundation for an ongoing continuous improvement culture.

The output of the workshop includes:

  • Facilitated support for the application of the DMAIC / A3 problem solving techniques
  • An understanding by the participants of how to use the DMAIC / A4 process and tools such as 5W1H, 5 Whys, Pareto Analysis, Brainstorming and Fishbone Diagrams
  • An understanding of how to use the A3 worksheet to illustrate, document, track and communicate all aspects of the improvement projects
  • Root causes and improvements solutions identified
  • Action plan listing the recommended actions required to implement the identified solutions, and to ensure ongoing continuous improvement
  • Facilitated support for the implementation of appropriate key Lean concepts
  • Details suggestions on how to sustain the improvement initiative

The Problem Solving workshop delivers the following outcomes:

  • Your staff working on improving your business with an experienced facilitator as a coach
  • Actual improvements to real business processes
  • Improved business environment for your people
  • More engagement from your staff

Efficiency Works will identify with the customer through the briefing session and determine the length of the Problem Solving workshop based on the size and complexity of the process to be mapped.

The average time for a Problem Solving workshop is 3 days.

On the completion of the workshop each participant will be awarded with a certificate of achievement, in outlining the 6 steps of values within problem solving.

Additionally, each participant will walk away with:

  • Better skills to facilitate continuous improvement in the workplace
  • Brainstorming solutions
  • Apply root cause analysis
  • Improved understanding of continuous improvement techniques

A problem-solving workshop is held by Efficiency Works to address systematic problems. The workshop concentrates on identifying the problems, not just addressing the symptoms. The learnings are relevant and applicable to all types of organisations and to all levels of management, administration, and delivery.

  • Operations Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Frontline Staff
  • Sales Team

Efficiency Works utilises experienced and qualified trainers for all workshops and training courses. All trainers hold a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE40110), a qualification that reflects the roles of trainers in the vocational educational and training (VET) sector, and a requirement of the Australian Quality Training Framework for a structured VET program.

Our trainers utilise a collaborative approach that quickly engages with participants, and challenges thinking, transfers knowledge and builds skills. The trainer utilises a combination of theory, learning exercises, visual aids and group discussion to ensure that participants are fully engaged over the duration of the workshop.

The benefits of attending the workshop will deliver the following outcomes for the organisation and the participants:

  • Provides a shared, collaborative, and systemic approach to problem solving
  • Provide a goal to solve but to evolve, adjusting the solution continually as new challenges emerge
  • Identify problems through problem formulation and questioning

What accreditation or recognition does this program have?

This is a non accredited program.

Does this program have any assessments requirements?

As a non-accredited program this course has no assessment requirements. The course contains a number of activities designed to reinforce the key skills and knowledge outcomes.

Who is my trainer for my program?

All of our trainers and assessors have extensive and current industry experience and qualifications that meet the national requirements for VET trainers.

Who do I contact in case of any query regarding my program?

For any program related queries, please email customer support at

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