COVID-19 Update – New products – Introduction to Agile

Agile – one of the fastest growing project methodologies of our time and like many methodologies, there is cross over with other methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma and PMBOK.

But have you ever wondered what Agile is really about. What is all this chatter about ‘Scrums’? Isn’t it just for tech companies?

Agile is more relevant for all types of organisations than it has ever been. For organisation’s needing to rapidly mature, pivot because of external factors and get to market quicker than their competitors, Agile provides a great set of principles and tools to help you achieve this. Companies and individuals might say they are ‘Agile’ but to really confirm this you need to understand the methodology.

Our new online and self-paced ‘Introduction to Agile’ will answer these questions and will take you through:

  • When to use Agile, versus Other Methods
  • The Agile Mindset and Principles
  • The Agile Core Practices
  • Agile and Lean Frameworks
  • Delivering in an Agile Environment

For $300 + GST, a great investment in your own professional development or for your organisation that will certainly open your eyes to a means to move fast and get results with less resources.

Look out for the bonus material and concepts around ‘servant leadership’.

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