COVID-19 Update – New products – Lean Six Sigma Belts

To help business and individuals up-skill we have created full on-line and self-paced Lean Six Sigma courses for Yellow, Green and Black Belts.

These courses cover the theory and application of the main Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques. They comprise training materials, videos and a series of open book quizzes that require an 80% pass to progress through to the next level, and you can attempt the quizzes as many times as required.

Learners can register at any time and complete the course at their own pace within 12 months. Once registered learners are able to undertake a staged progression through each level.

We are offering these at introductory rates to the end of 2020 to help with the cost pressures we are all under:

  • Yellow Belt – $300 + GST
  • Green Belt – $850 + GST
  • Black Belt – $1,200 + GST

All you need is a device, internet connection and an eager mind.

Webinar Registration: Finding efficiencies in your cost management process

A must see webinar for anyone managing a budget. Drive efficiencies through your budget and maximise the output of your financial resources. We are joined by the highly experienced and regarded Robert Bihar.

When: Wednesday 29 May 2024
Time: 12.00pm to 12:45pm
Where: Online