Case Study 4 – Manufacturing (Refresher)

The Brief

The client had “tried lean before” with some initial success but eventually returned to the old way. As a result, lean had developed a bad name, with some staff openly hostile towards it.

Efficiency Works was engaged to reinvigorate and revive the lean initiative.

The Execution

Efficiency Works executed a three-phased approach to turn the culture and the business around, address misconceptions, and embed lean as a part of everyday work.

Step 1 Strategy program aimed to:

  • Establish what the business needed to do in order to be successful
  • Help the leadership team crystallise the challenge

Step 2 Learner programs:

  • Provided high level education on what lean is and is not\
  • Were delivered for influential staff via Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices, a formal training course requiring a year to complete

Step 3 – Blitz Program:

Restored faith in the improvement program using 5S and setup reduction techniques

The Results

The phased program approach assisted the company to achieve:

  • a strategy where there was very little before, coupled with an understanding of that strategy throughout the business
  • significant and quick improvement in 5S and setup times thanks to the blitzes
  • sustained improvement because of the long term commitment to the learner program
  • leaders and teams focused on improvement rather than just plodding along until the next fad comes along


“They showed us how to think properly ”