Gold Coast City Council – Neuro Leadership Workshops

Gold Coast City Council – Neuro Leadership


  • Olympics Ready
  • Modern Leadership
  • Increased Internal Capability


Gold Coast City Council is one of Australia’s largest local government organisations, employing over 2300 staff and supplying services to more than 600,000 residents. The announcement of the 2032 Olympics for Southeast Queensland has prompted significant change and infrastructure requirements. The senior leadership team identified that the Frontline leadership team needed a boost to their leadership skills to cope with the enormity of the challenge ahead.

Efficiency Works were engaged to:

  • Increase the frontline leadership toolkit. 
  • To apply these ‘new’ tools in an effective and consistent manner.

These objectives were successfully achieved through.

Neuro-leadership training: All Frontline Leaders took part in interactive training that imparted the latest leadership thinking – neuro-leadership. Know myself, know my team, know my organisation. A three day practical learning course.


  • 200+ leaders training within 6 months.
  • Easily understood training.
  • Easy implementation of new skills.
  • All frontline leaders have a common language
  • Frontline engagement has increased significantly
  • Communication has positively increased between frontline and senior leaders.


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