Newcrest Mining – Structured Problem-Solving

Newcrest Mining (Maintenance Team) – Structured Problem-Solving


  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Comprehensive and Structured Process
  • Increased Internal Capability


Newcrest Mining are one of Australia’s largest miners of gold and copper. The Maintenance senior leadership team recognised that their problem solving process was not identifying all problems and most importantly, the ultimate root cause.

Efficiency Works were engaged to:

  • Expose the maintenance team to a suite of problem-solving and root cause analysis methodologies.
  • Establish a structured problem-solving and root cause analysis process for the Maintenance team.

These objectives were successfully achieved through:

Certified Competitive Systems and Practices Training: All Maintenance Management and Supervisory staff took part in a four-unit certified Statement of Attainment course. The subjects taught were; Apply Quality Standards, Structured Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis, and Standardised Work.


  • Introduction of Root Cause Analysis tools.
  • Establishment of an end-to-end problem-solving process.
  • Immediate results through practical application of theory to the workplace.
    • Millions of dollars gained in increased productivity from 3 projects.
  • Galvanized the leadership team and overcome silo thinking.
  • Enhanced engagement, trust, and participation throughout the organisation.


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