Rhino Rack – Productivity

Rhino Rack – Productivity


  • Green Stream Thinking
  • One-Piece Flow


Rhino are one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of roof rack and ancillary products. Rhino Rack had run out of capacity. There was strong demand for their product in USA and Europe, but they could not commit to the business.

Efficiency Works were engaged to:

  • Create extra capacity.
  • Instill a culture of Continuous Improvement.

These objectives were successfully achieved through:

Green Stream Thinking: Using a concept developed by Ian Glenday, Efficiency was able to ascertain the product groups that contributed to the majority of regularly made and sold items. The Green Stream – 20 products from 1500 SKU’s were categorised into 4 groups. One of these product groups represented the majority of the Green Stream. These were the products that Efficiency Works concentrated its efforts on.

One-Piece Flow: Prior to intervention, Rhino Rack manufactured its products by batching. This caused delays and many bottlenecks. Through a series of simulation workshops, Efficiency Works was able to show Rhino Rack that the method of one-piece flow reduced waiting and other wastes.


The establishment of new ways of thinking.

  • Increased the manufacturing throughput of the Green Stream products by 400% with no extra machinery, people, floor space, or automation.
  • Markets in Europe and USA were opened.
  • Galvanized the leadership team and overcome silo thinking
  • Provided the knowledge and tools to underpin sustained improvements.
  • Enhanced engagement, trust, and participation throughout the organisation.


Webinar Registration: Building Organisational Resilience through Strategic S&OB and IBP

Join us in April for our next Webinar where Efficiency Works Consultant, James  Bierer will discuss Building Organisational Resilience through Strategic S&OB and IBP.

When: Tuesday 30 April 2024
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