Leadership & Management Courses

Value Stream Mapping and Planning Workshop

Efficiency Works will utilise ‘Value Stream Mapping (VSM)’ to identity opportunities to improve the productivity of the organisation’s processes. VSM is a powerful process mapping tool that clarifies complex systems, identifies problem areas and provides a tool for effective planning of solutions and their implementation.

1 Day Self-Managed Performance System Engagement and Alignment

The objective of the Engagement and Alignment workshop is to provide the participants (and business), the opportunity to use practical tools and methodology, to align individual and teams to the company Vision and to create engagement and alignment between an individual to their job and to Key Stakeholders.

Dual Qualification in Competitive Systems and Practices and Leadership & Management

The natural synergies between the 2 qualifications and the number of overlapping subjects reduces the combined number of learning units to just 21. We require between 15 and 18 months to deliver this training and, as with all of our certificate courses, the Dual Qualification requires students to complete workplace projects that demonstrate competency.

BSB40520 – Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

Efficiency Works has developed a program that delivers methodologies that are customised to your organisations’ needs, through the implementation of structured workshops, formal training, one-on-one coaching, within small groups or department leads.

Action Mapping – Workplace Improvement Initiative

The objective of the Action Mapping initiative is to identify wasteful workplace processes and practices and to provide a foundation for progressive business improvement training.

6 Day Neuro-Leadership Workshop – Frontline Leaders

This unique program builds holistic skills and knowledge for frontline leaders to stand alone by working directly on their own practices by providing leadership and personal development that drives the right performance and behaviour through the organisation.