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Workshops provide comprehensive training on each step required to execute a strategic plan throughout an organisation.
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We help with the development of an organsational mission & vision through to action plans and governance structure
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See how we helped Blacktown City Council establish a clear strategic pathway along with a structure deployment framework.
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Strategic planning and deployment are critical components of organisational success, ensuring that businesses align their resources and actions with long-term objectives.

This key activity involves defining an organisation’s mission, vision, and goals, whilst deployment focuses on executing the strategies developed.  


Strategic Planning is the process of setting an organisation’s direction and priorities to achieve its overall mission and vision. This involves assessing internal and external factors, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and understanding opportunities and threats.


Using tools such as SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), organisations gain insights that inform the development of strategic goals and initiatives.


Once strategic goals are established, the next step is deployment.


Strategic Deployment is the implementation of strategies through a well-organised action plan. It involves resource allocation, task assignment, and coordination of efforts across the organisation. Other crucial elements of deployment include effective communication; regular monitoring; reporting and evaluation to track progress and identify adjustments. 


Key elements of successful strategic planning and deployment: 


-Mission & Purpose – What is the organisation trying to achieve and why is this important.

Vision – Where the organisation is going, what does success look like.

-Current State / Future State – Where is the organisation now, how is this measured and defined, where is the organisation trying to get to withing a defined time frame and measured future position.

Road Map / Action Plan – How will the organization get from Current to Future States, what are the specific steps that will be taken.

Measurement – How will success be measured for each step, regularly assessing the progress against plan and/or benchmarks, allows for timely identification of problem areas and celebrating success.

Communication – Effective communication up and down the organisational hierarchy is vital to ensure that everyone in the organisation understands the strategic objectives and their role in achieving them. This fosters alignment and a shared sense of purpose. 

-Learning from Experience: Organisations should view strategic planning and deployment as iterative processes. Learning from both successes and failures contributes to continuous improvement. 

Successful leaders and organisations execute strategy deployment as a matter of priority throughout their business, adapting to change, fostering clear communication, and learning from their previous experiences to achieve long-term success. 

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