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Problem Solving Workshop

During the Problem-Solving workshop participants will apply simple but effective problem-solving techniques to improve the performance of a process in your business. The workshop is conducted as a blitz, so the participants will achieve valuable learning outcomes, and simultaneously we will identify some practical improvements for your processes, all in a short period of time. The workshop is designed to provide a foundation for an ongoing continuous improvement culture.

1 Day Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Leadership Workshop

The objective of the Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Leadership Workshop is to provide executives, managers and supervisors with a fundamental understanding of the main principles of Lean Six Sigma/Continuous Improvement and their roles in ensuring that a culture of Continuous Improvement is created and sustained within the organisation.

1 Day Lean Simulation Workshop

The objective of the Lean Simulation workshop is to provide the opportunity for participants to think about how Lean could be deployed in their workplace. The subject matter, principles and terminology are aligned with the ‘Competitive Systems and Practices’ courses which are nationally-accredited under the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

Efficiency Works Lean Six Sigma Workshops

Efficiency Works has been delivering leadership, culture, and transformation as an integral part of continuous improvement for many years. We offer a broad range of both certified and uncertified programs focused on the continuous development of people, complemented by the rigour of process improvement tools.